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First post

THIS is our blog to document the construction of our new home.

 First, a little about us. We are a family of five living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. There’s me (Dad), Mum, and OS (6), CC (4) and CR (2). We live in a 3BR 14 square 1930’s brick clinker on a 600 square metre block which is just fine. All it needs is a much larger kitchen, more light, another bedroom, a study, kids area, separate lounge room and it would be fine. We currently have a double garage in the back (which I love) which takes up too much room if we were to renovate. In order to have a back yard we’d need to move the garage to the front which sounds very expensive. So we decided that we would knock down our home of ten years and build on the same block. We started seriously looking for new homes with commercial builders a few months ago.

 We had a look at Inform – beautiful architecturally designed homes from a commercial builder. The price for the finished house with a bare slab was above our total construction budget. So on to the next one…

 Next up we talked to Porter Davis who unfortunately said that we lived too far out of their zone. Oh well – their loss!

 After that we looked at M and were pleasantly surprised. Their starting price looked affordable and their build quality excellent. We went out to their display homes all over town and we impressed by their consistency (at least in the display homes) and the sheer range of layouts.

 We also looked at another and were not impressed by what was on offer.

 So far we have settled with M with the Liberty. We gave them a $1000 deposit on the last day of the Platinium promotion. This promotion’s headline was $30000 worth of value for $5000. If you dig deeper you will see that they include the standard items already in the $30000 (I think they we $9k in value), so really it’s $21k in value for $5k. Ok, I’m still interested.

 We’ve got so much to do and we don’t want to rush – we just want to ensure that we have enough information at the time a decision needs to be made. We’ve really been enjoying the forum on www.homeone.com.au which has inspired us to start this blog. Lots of great tips which I will need to document and action!

 We would really value your comments and look forward to sharing this journey with you.


The Liberty - Derrimut display


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