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AFTER some time off over Christmas we are back to building. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the colours and have our colour selection appointment this Saturday. I have not been entirely happy with the level of customer service we have had so far.

BEGIN RANT:A few weeks before Christmas we went to the display village for another look and it was closed. It’s a half hour drive and with three kids in the back it was very disappointing to turn around. Our customer service person rang to make some appointments and we said that we did not think that we would be ready by then and we would need to set other times. He did not return my phone calls or e-mail, so when I followed up I found out that he had resigned. No one had contacted us to let us know. I’m still waiting to be reassigned a new customer service person. I went in to get some samples on a Sunday as they said they were open every day and we were welcome to come in. When I got there the receptionist said, “Oh no you can’t do that!” and went off to check and someone else asked me if I had an appointment to which I said “No! I was told I could come in any time and get samples!” Well I was finally let in but it seems as though we have to argue evey little thing with them. Geez! END RANT. Ahhh that’s better.

 We are fairly confident that we are ready for the colour selection on Saturday. We have still got to apply for the front and side backs. I’ve had a brickie come over to quote on the front fence and am still waiting for his price – that was about six weeks ago. Once we’ve made our colour selection I’ll post the palettes. I’d love to hear from anyone with comments so feel free to leave some.



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