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YESTERDAY we had our colour tour. They explained some of the upgrades and had a limited number of examples. It was pretty overwhelming also since we took the kids it wa hard to concentrate. (They behaved for most of the time, except Master Two who really cracked it at the end). I’m going to spend the next few weeks digesting the options, doing more research and coming up with some ideas. My initial thoughts are to pick an overall pallet of three colours and make selections from there. I would also like some rooms to have a distinct feel, like the study, the sitting room, the ensuite, kids bathroom and powder room. I was fairly happy with the standard options and am looking forward to bring it all together.

 For the next steps I think we should break it down to each room, and pick from the options available (which may just be the standard options anyway).

 I think we are close to deciding the bricks and floor tiles (in addition to the wet areas we are tiling hallway, kitchen and dining room).

 On Saturday we went to tile place A and had a look around. Of course there were loads of options, but I am confident that we will be able to make a decent selection from the standard category. I feel realy inspired by the tile selection process and want to take advantage of this creative opportunity.

 Today we had a phone call from our new customer service person from the builder. He’s got the results of the soil test and wants to go over our costs to determine our preliminary contract. It will be a challenge for us both to be there at the same time, but I’m sure we can work it out.



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Did someone say bricks?

ON Sunday we visited one of the brick places listed as a supplier for the builder. Let’s just call them Z.

 My initial thoughts were for clinker brick, natural mortar and an ironed joint. Currently we have the same, although now I’m starting to think that there is also a red brick mix in there too.

 So we talked to the Z guys. One of them was very helpful and the other not so – I find that amazing as our builders have two suppliers listed, so I would have thought that they all would have been very keen to look after us in order to get the business.

 Their suggestions were worth considering. They suggested that some people do a mix of Clinker with Red Trevallyn to as the Clinker on its own can look a bit dark. I like that idea, and I also like their Burwood Blue, and thought about a mix with Weathered Red.

 We definitely do not like the wire cut bricks.

 We also talked to Z about roof tiles. My preference is for flat a style, and I quite like the ones scored with vertical lines.

 I would also like to talk to the builder about the possibility of colourbond.

 Here’s some pictures of the bricks we like:

Clinker               Red Travellyn

Clinker          Red Trevallyn

Burwood Blue      Weathered Red

         Burwood Blue          weathered-red.jpg          

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