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WE’VE gone to the next steps with the builder. We’ve had another consultation and refined the price estimate and have made a colour selection appointment. So now we need to go through all the brick and tile suppliers brochures and also (more importantly) go and see them and go through the colour selection. With the exterior we’re thinking clinker brick (no render) and dark tiles. They said that we could start building in 22 weeks, which would take us up to the first week of April for the start of construction (on a clear block).

 We have also spoken to a landscape gardener who has made some suggestions. I have to work on the exact pricing, and I don’t think we can do exactly what we want. He’s suggested lots of paving and retaining walls. Next door there is a huge river red gum tree. It’s beautiful… and… with the way the roots have grown and due to slope of the block, we’re going to need to have a retaining wall to ensure that we look after the root system otherwise the landscape gardener says that the tree could die! I know that once the landscaping is finished that it will look beautiful, however I wasn’t looking to cater for the needs of next door. We have been here for ten years, so the tree is no surprise to us. Once we have more information on the landscape gardening I’ll post the more info.

 Today (19-Nov) we had the soil testers come out and last Friday (16-Nov) the site survey people came out. 

 After out little chat with the builder I need to get clear on the set back. After my rough estimate I think that both our neighbours have eight metre set backs and ours is currently nine metres. All of these are my estimates. My priority is to get as much as possible and the builder suggested we apply for an consideration of an exemption (aka report and consent) with council. So I’d be interested in anyone else’s experienced with council report and consent, but I think we’ll put in an application for another metre, bringing us to seven metres. That would be two more metres from what we have now, which would be fantastic. Unfortunately our one of our neighbours have going away for a four weeks, so we won’t be able to get them to sign a letter supporting our application until they get back. The builder was really unclear as to when they needed the final set back, so I need to talk to them to determine that time frame.

 Tomorrow I’m off to the bank to arrange finance. I expect that everything should be ok, as we’ve had the bank valuation and was more than enough to secure finance.


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